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About Us

Ciao tutti!

We are the Starck family which consist of father Roger, mother Rosanna and our two daughters Engla and Meja. Our Italian history began with Rosanna's father being from Italy. Rogers interest in Italy was born in the early nineties and was at the beginning mainly related to football, but it was not long before interest for the food and the culture entered the picture.  We have spent many vacations in Italy and also lived there for 6 months at a family right outside Florence where we rented a house on their farm. During these 6 months, we spent a lot of time driving around exploring large areas of Italy. During the exploration of Italy, we decided at some point in the future buy our own house in Italy!

Italy is an incredibly beautiful country with amazing cities and villages, one more beautiful than the other. The search of our own house went on for a long time and we went on countless house tours before we finally found our dream house Casa Fontanelle.


In 2003, Casa Fontanelle was dilapidated and a desire to recreate a rustic Casale Padronale (mansion) was on the doorstep for Graham and his family. With great commitment and love, they fulfilled their dream. A dream that now has been passed over to us and for us to put our stamp on.

If you are looking for a holiday in peace, Casa Fontanelle welcomes you. Enjoy tranquillity and magical views of deep valleys and magical plantations of sunflowers, wine and olives.

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